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Stainless Steel Wide Appeal

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Stainless Steel Tablock Blower Wheel

Stainless Steel Tablock Blower Wheel

All our centrifugal blower wheels – Strip and Tablock, as well as its’ blower housings, are available in stainless steel. Serving food processing or medical applications, corrosive or harsh environments, air-curtains, etc. – very few manufacturers can offer you stainless steel blower wheels and blower housings.

We use 304SS for the wheel and housing.

The HUB can be either (Zink coated) steel, or 303SS.

Please call, email or use the contact form and let Hi-Tech Blowers meet all your stainless steel blower wheels and blower housings requirements.

Aluminum Blower Wheels

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Aluminum Tablock Blower wheels

Aluminum Tablock Blower Wheels

Our aluminum blower wheels  are made of 5052-H32 aluminum. Aluminum 5052 is the highest strength alloy of the more common non heat-treatable grades. Fatigue strength is higher than most aluminum alloys. In addition, this grade has particularly good resistance to marine atmosphere and salt water corrosion. It has excellent workability. It may be drawn or formed into intricate shapes and its slightly greater strength in the annealed condition minimizes tearing that occurs in 1100 and 3003. Applications: Used in a wide variety of applications from aircraft components to home appliances, marine and transportation industry parts, heavy duty cooking utensils and equipment for bulk processing of food.

All Hi-Tech Blowers, Inc. Aluminum products are made of 5052-H32 aluminum. These include all our CROSSFLOW (Tangential) blower wheels, as well as our FAN BLADES, centrifugal TABLOCK and STRIP wheels. Our Blowers Housing can be ordered in aluminum as well.

Besides aluminum, all our blower wheels and housings can be ordered in GALVANIZED STEEL as well as STAINLESS STEEL.

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Our Smallest Blower Wheel is Available to Order

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Hi-Tech Blowers Inc. GN-150 Blower Wheel

Now available at Hi-Tech Blowers: the new GN150

Hi-Tech Blowers is pleased to announce the latest addition to our blower wheel family. The new GN150 is the smallest member of our product line, measuring only 1.50″ in diameter and 0.626″ in width.

This pint-sized centrifugal strip wheel is ideal for electronic equipment ventilation and is available in galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminized steel and stainless steel.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or using the contact form.

Hi-Tech Blowers, Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of blower wheels and fan blades, used in such diverse applications as HVAC, cooling and refrigeration, electronics, air curtains, and automotive, industrial, and medical equipment.

Our production facilities are fully computerized and state-of-the-art. All OEM customers are assured of the best value and consistent highest quality. Production changeover capabilities enable Hi-Tech to respond quickly to the most stringent delivery schedules.